Katarzyna Jaszczolt

Professor Kasia Jaszczolt at Newnham College, 2017 Katarzyna M. (Kasia) Jaszczolt, D.Phil. (Oxon), Ph.D (Cantab), MAE () (b. 9 December 1963) is a Polish and British linguist and philosopher. She is currently Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy of Language at the University of Cambridge, and Professorial Fellow at Newnham College, Cambridge.

She is the author of a theory of discourse interpretation, Default Semantics. This theory breaks away from the tradition of modelling utterance meaning by means of a sentence-based proposition and proposes instead so-called 'merger representations' – conceptual representations which combine the output of various linguistic and non-linguistic sources of information leading to the recovery of speaker meaning, shifting compositionality from the level of syntactic structures to the level of the merger.

She has published widely on various topics in philosophy of language, semantics and pragmatics, including representing time in language and mind, ambiguity and underdetermination of meaning, propositional attitudes, and representing the self. Provided by Wikipedia

by Jaszczolt, Katarzyna
Published 2005
Oxford University Press

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Cambridge University Press
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