Ilarion (, , , ) is a variant of the Greek given name ''Hilarion'', found in Slavic and Romanian languages. It may refer to:

*Hilarion of Kiev or Ilarion, Metropolitan of Kiev *Ilarion Buiuc (1891–1918), Bessarabian politician *Ilarion Roganović (1828–1882), Bishop of Cetinje and Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Highlands *Ilarion Ciobanu (1931–2008) *Ilarion Felea (1903-1961) *Ilarion Ionescu-Galați (born 1937), Romanian violinist and orchestra conductor *Ilarion Makariopolski (1812–1875), Bulgarian *Ilarion Ruvarac (1832–1905), Serbian historian and Orthodox priest, *Ilarion Ohienko, Metropolitan Ilarion *Ilarion Dragostinov (1852–1876), Bulgarian

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