William Hubbard

Will(iam) Hubbard may refer to:

*William Hubbard (clergyman) (1621–1704), English minister and historical writer in colonial America *William Hubbard (New Brunswick politician) (1751–1813), lawyer, judge and politician in New Brunswick, Canada *William Blackstone Hubbard (1795–1866), American politician and Freemason *William C. Hubbard, American lawyer *William Peyton Hubbard (1842–1935), Canadian politician *William Pallister Hubbard (1843–1921), American legislator *William Henry Hubbard (1886–1960), Canadian aviator *Will Hubbard (1895–1969), English aviator *William Hubbard, British soldier commemorated in "The Ballad of Bill Hubbard" by Roger Waters Provided by Wikipedia

by Hubbard, William
Published 1775
Printed and sold by John Boyle in Marlborough-Street

by Hubbard, William G.
Published 1884
Columbus Printing Works

by Higginson, John
Published 1701
Printed and sold by Timothy Green
Other Authors: '; ...Hubbard, William...

by Wise, John
Published 1772
Printed and sold by John Boyles, in Marlborough-Street
Other Authors: '; ...Hubbard, William...