Peter Harrison

Peter Harrison or Pete Harrison may refer to:

* Peter Harrison (architect) (1716–1775), British-born colonial American architect * Peter Harrison (businessman) (born 1966), British businessman, CEO of Schroders * Peter Harrison (footballer) (fl. 1995–2012), English footballer, manager and football agent * Peter Harrison (city planner) (1918–1990), Canberra city planner * Peter Harrison (historian) (born 1955), professor at the University of Queensland * Peter Harrison (priest) (born 1939), archdeacon of the East Riding * Peter Harrison (rugby union) (1934–2011), Bradford RFC player * Peter G. Harrison (born 1951), professor of computing science at Imperial College London * P. S. Harrison (1880–1966), also known as Pete Harrison, founder and publisher of ''Harrison's Reports'' * Pete Harrison (1885–1921), English-American baseball umpire Provided by Wikipedia

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