Massimo Guiggiani

Massimo Guiggiani (born in Siena, 16 August 1956) is an Italian mechanical engineer and academic with interests in vehicle dynamics, gear drives and the boundary element method (BEM). He is professor of applied mechanics at the Università di Pisa. He created an algorithm, Guiggiani's method, for the evaluation of strongly singular and hypersingular integrals. He is the author of ''The Science of Vehicle Dynamics''.

In 2019 he received a Textbook Excellence Award from TAA and the “Ordine del Cherubino” from University of Pisa.

For several years, he was the faculty advisor of the E-Team Squadra Corse, the racing team of the Università di Pisa that every year designs and builds a single-seater racing car to participate in Formula SAE and Formula Student competitions. Provided by Wikipedia