Alejandro Estrada

Alejandro Estrada is a primatologist and the author and editor of several books and articles about primates. He is a research scientist at the field research station Los Tuxtlas of Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico He is executive editor of Tropical Conservation Science. Books he has authored or edited include ''New Perspectives in the Study of Mesoamerican Primates: Distribution, Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation (Developments in Primatology: Progress and Prospects''), ''Frugivores and Seed Dispersal: Ecological and Evolutionary Aspects '', ''Las Selvas Tropicales Humedas de Mexico: Recurso Poderoso pero Vulnerable '' and ''Comportamiento Animal: el Caso de los Primates.''

His most recent article published in 2017 in the journal Science Advances, Impending extinction of the Worlds primates: Why primates matter, is a ground-breaking call for conservation of the world's primates. A related publication of 2018 further examines this topics for the four countries richest in primate species (see below).

Dr. Alejandro Estrada received his Ph.D. in Primatology from Rutgers University in 1978. Provided by Wikipedia

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