Howard Davis

Howard Davis is the name of:

*Howard Davis (professor of architecture), American writer and professor of architecture at the University of Oregon *Howard Davis (musician) (1940–2008), British violinist *Howard Davis (sprinter) (born 1967), Jamaican athlete *Howard Davis (chemical engineer) (1937-2009), American chemical engineer *Howard Davis Jr. (1956–2015), American amateur and professional boxer, won Olympic gold, 1976 *Howard McParlin Davis (1918–1994), American professor of art history at Columbia University *Howard W. Davis (1885–1959), member of the California State Assembly and the Los Angeles City Council *Howard Stratton Davis (1885–?), English architect *H-Bomb Davis (Howard Davis, born 1971), drummer, member of the alternative band Evans Blue Provided by Wikipedia

by Davis, Howard
Published 2010
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Published 2000

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