Peter Davies

Peter Davies may refer to: *Peter Llewelyn Davies (1897–1960), British publisher, basis for the character of Peter Pan *Peter Davies (rugby) (1925–2014), Welsh rugby player *Peter Davies (economic historian) (born 1927), British economic historian *Peter Maxwell Davies (1934–2016), British composer and conductor *Peter Ronald Davies (born 1938), British Army general *Peter Davies (engineer) (born 1939), British engineer *Peter Davies (politician) (born 1948), British politician, former mayor of Doncaster *Peter Davies (scientist) (born 1948), medical researcher *Peter Davies (born 1956), British participant in the ''Up'' Series documentaries *Peter Davies (Australian cricketer) (1957–2018), Australian cricketer *Peter Ho Davies (born 1966), British writer *Peter Davies (artist) (born 1970), British painter *Peter Davies (English cricketer) (born 1976), English cricketer *Peter Davies (footballer) (born 1936), Welsh footballer *Peter Davies (footballer, born 1942) (born 1942), Welsh footballer *Peter Davies (journalist) (active 1996–2011), South African journalist *Peter Davies (horse), thoroughbred racehorse *Peter J. Davies (born 1940), professor of plant physiology Provided by Wikipedia

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