Anne Davies

Ann or Anna or Anne Davies may refer to:

* Anne Davies (British journalist) (born 1958), presenter for the BBC local news programme ''East Midlands Today'' * Anne Davies (figure skater) (1930–1995), American figure skater * Anne Davies (Australian journalist), Washington correspondent for Australian newspapers ''The Age'' and ''The Sydney Morning Herald'' * Anne Davies (academic), academic lawyer at the University of Oxford * Ann Davies (occultist) (1912–1975), American occultist * Ann Davies (actress) (born 1934), English actress * Ann Davies (translator), (born 1914) UK Actress and translator *Ann Catherine Davies (1894-1965), later Ann Horton, British physicist * Ann Romney (born 1949 as Ann Davies), wife of politician Mitt Romney *Anna Morpurgo Davies *Anna Davies, novelist in the ''Point Horror'' series, novels include ''Wrecked'' and ''Identity Theft'' Provided by Wikipedia

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