Tom Daly

Tom Daly may refer to: *Tom Daly (catcher) (1891–1946), American baseball catcher for the Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, and Chicago Cubs, and Boston Red Sox coach, 1933–1946 *Tom Daly (infielder) (1866–1938), American baseball second baseman for the Chicago Cubs, Washington Nationals, Brooklyn Dodgers, Chicago White Sox, and Cincinnati Reds *Tom Daly (filmmaker) (1918–2011), Canadian film producer *Tom Daly (basketball) (born 1991), Australian basketball player *Tom Daly (American politician) (born 1954), American politician in California *Tom Daly (Irish politician) (born 1938), Irish nationalist politician *Tommy Daly (1894–1936), Irish hurler *Tom Daly (rugby union) (born 1993), Irish rugby player Provided by Wikipedia

by Daly, Tom
Published 1978
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by Daly, Tom Gerald
Published 2017
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