John Cotton

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by Cotton, John
Published 1729
Printed by Gamaliel Rogers near the Mill-Bridge, for John Phillips, at the Stationers Arms the next shop to Mr. Dolbear's brasier [sic], by the town-dock

by Cotton, John
Published 1757
Re-printed and sold by Green and Russell, in Queen-Street, and by J. Winter, opposite the King's Arms, in Union-Street
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by Cotton, John
Published 1741
Printed and sold by S Kneeland and T Green, in Queen Street, over against the prison, and S. Eliot in Cornhill

by Cotton, John
Published 1749
Re-printed by John Green, for D. Gookin, in Marlborough-Street
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by Cotton, John
Published 1731
Printed and sold by Thomas Fleet, at the Sign of the Heart and Crown, in Cornhill
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by Cotton, John
Published 1773
Printed for Joseph Greenleaf, and sold at his printing office, in Hanover-Street
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by Cotton, John
Published 1715
printed for John Baker, in Pate-Noster-Row

by Cotton, John
Published 1747
Printed and sold by S. Kneeland and T. Green in Queen-Street over against the prison
Other Authors: ...Cotton, John...

by Cotton, John
Published 1728
Printed by Gamaliel Rogers, for Samuel Gerrish at the lower end of Cornhil, and Thomas Hancock at the Bible and Three Crowns near the town-dock

by Cotton, John Daniel
Published 1755
printed and sold by J. Ayres; sold likewise by R. Baldwin, Bookseller, in Pater-Noster-Row, London; C. Micklewright, Printer, in Reading; B. Collins, Bookseller, in Salisbury; and by J. Pottinger, Bookseller, in Newbury