Benjamin Brown

Benjamin Brown may refer to:

*Benjamin Brown (actor) (born 1968), American actor noted for starring in the Disney series ''Omba Mokomba'' *Benjamin Brown (artist) (1865–1942), American landscape artist *Benjamin Brown (politician) (1756–1831), member of the 14th United States Congress *Benjamin Brown (developer) (1885–1939), developer of rural communities in New Jersey *Benjamin Brown (Medal of Honor) (1859–1910), American Indian Wars soldier *Benny Brown (1953–1996), American sprinter *Benny Brown (baseball) (fl. 1932), baseball shortstop in the Negro leagues *Benjamin Gratz Brown (1826–1885), American politician *Benjamin Brown (architect) (1890–1974), Canadian architect *Benjamin Brown (scholar) (born 1966), Jewish studies scholar *Benjamin Brown (activist) (1945–1967), African-American student at Jackson State University active in the civil rights movement, killed on campus Provided by Wikipedia

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