Christian Bach

Christian Bach Adela Christian Bach Bottino (May 9, 1959 – February 26, 2019), known as Christian Bach, was an Argentine Mexican actress and producer of telenovelas produced by companies such as Televisa, TV Azteca and Telemundo.

Among her most famous works in telenovelas with Televisa included ''Los ricos también lloran'' (1979), ''Soledad'' (1980), ''Bodas de odio'' (1983), ''De pura sangre'' (1985) and ''Encadenados'' (1988). With TV Azteca her most relevant works included ''Agua y aceite'' (2002), which she also produced along with her husband Humberto Zurita, and ''Vidas robadas'' (2010). With Telemundo her works included ''La Patrona'' (2013) and ''La Impostora'' (2014). Provided by Wikipedia