Theodor Arnold

Theodor Arnold (1683–1771) was a German Anglicist from Leipzig, at the time a part of the Electorate of Saxony. He was a professor at the University of Leipzig and published numerous English grammars, dictionaries, and translations for German and Danish readers. His works were among the most popular for English-language learning in Germany in the 18th and 19th centuries. Provided by Wikipedia

by Arnold, Theodor
Published 1777
auf Kosten der Waysenhaus- und Frommanischen Buchhandlung

by Arnold, Theodor
Published 1770
in der Buchhandlung des Waysenhauses, bey Nathanael Sigism. Frommann

by Arnold, Theodor
Published 1800
1800. Forlagt af J. H. Schubothe. Trykt i flere Bogtrykkerier

by Arnold, Theodor
Published 1770
1770. Trykt [hos August Friderich Stein] paa Heineck Mumme og Fabers Bekostning, i No. 5. vaa Borsen

by Arnold, Theodor
Published 1784
1784. Tryckt paa Gyldendals Forlag, hos bogtrykker Lauritz Christian Simmelkiær

by Bailey, Nathan
Published 1796
[bei Friedrich Frommann [Leipzig, gedruckt bei Wolf Gottlob Pezold]
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