by Wood, John
Published 1765
printed for W. Bathoe, in the Strand; and T. Lownds, in Fleet Street

by Wood, John
Published 1745
And sold by J. Leake; C. Hitch, in Pater-Noster-Row, London; and B. Hickey, in Bristol

by Wood, John
Published 1741
printed by S. and F. Farley, and sold by J. Leake: M. Lewis, in Bristol: W Innys, in St. Paul's Church-Yard; C Hitch, in Pater-Noster-Row; R. Dodsley, in Pall-Mall; J. Pine, in Old-Bond-Street; and J. Brindley, in New-Bond-Street, London

by Wood, John
Published 1797
Printed for and sold by A. Guthrie, No. 25. South Bridge; Fraser and Clark, Prince's Street; and the author

by Wood, John
Published 1799
printed for G. Cawthorn, British Library, No. 132, Strand, Bookseller to her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales: Messrs. Richardson, Royal-Exchange; H.D. Symonds, J. Wallis, West and Hughes, Paternoster-Row; J. Wright, Piccadilly; and P. Hill, Edinburgh

by Wood, John
Published 1762
printed for J. Ryall, at Hogarth's-Head, in Fleet-Street

by Wood, John
Published 1757
printed for the author, at Mr. Hewett's, a sadler in New Charles-Street, Berkley-Square; and sold by J. Brindley, in Bond-Street; T. Payne, at the Mews-Gate, and R. Withy and J. Ryall, at Hogarth's head, in Fleet-Street

by Wood, John
Published 1749
printed by James Bettenham, in the year 1749, and sold by C. Hitch in Pater-Noster-Row; and J. Leake at Bath

by Wood, John Philip
Published 1791
Printed for Peter Hill

by Wood, John Philip
Published 1900
Bell & Bradfute

by Wood, John Philip
Published 1882
Bell & Bradfute

by Wood, John Philip
Published 1903
Bell & Bradfute

by Wood, John Page
Published 1844
Published by and at the request of the committee

by Wood, John Philip
Published 1791
Printed for Peter Hill; and George Kearsley, London

by Wood, John Philip
Published 1794
Printed by John Paterson, and sold by Peter Hill, at the Cross,-also by B. White and Son, Fleet-Street, London

by Wood, John Halsey
Published 2013
Oxford University Press