Thomas Dyche

Reverend Thomas Dyche (died c. 1733) was an English schoolmaster and lexicographer (probably) from Ashbourne, Derbyshire. He published a number of books on the English language including one thought to be the first English book published in Asia. He is remembered for his reference books and his contribution to pronunciation. Dyche's ''New General English Dictionary'' was in print from 1735 to 1798 and went through eighteen editions. Provided by Wikipedia

by Dyche, Thomas
Published 1760
printed for Catherine and Richard Ware, at the Bible and Sun on Ludgate-Hill. MDCCLX. Six Shillings.)

by Dyche, Thomas
Published 1756
chez la Veuve de François Girard, Imprimeur-Libraire, Place Saint Didier. Et se vend à Paris, chez Guillyn, Libraire, Quay des Augustins, du côté du Pont Saint Michel, au Lys d'or. M.DCC.LVI. Avec Permission des Superieurs

by Dyche, Thomas
Published 1771
printed for C. and R. War J. Beecroft, J. and F. Rivington, J. Hinton, Hawes, Clarke and Collins, T. Longman, S. Crowder, T. Caslon, B. Law, R. Horsfield, H. Baldwin, Robinson and Roberts, S. Bladon, H. Woodfall, W. Woodfall, G. Pearch, T. Lowndes, W. Richardson, W. Flexney, F. Newbery and W. Goldsmith

by Dyche, Thomas
Published 1777
printed for C. Bathurs J. Rivington and Sons, J. Hinton, S. Crowder, T. Caslon, T. Longman, B. Law, H. Baldwin, G. Robinson, T. Lowndes, R. Baldwin, J. Wilkie, W. Flexney, J. Johnson, H. Woodfall, W. Woodfall, W. Richardson, W. Goldsmith, J. Knox, W. Stuart, P. Newbery, T. Beecroft, Fielding and Walker, and W. Lane

by Dyche, Thomas
Published 1725
printed for Thomas Norris, at the Looking-Glass on London Bridge; and Richard Ware, at the Bible and Sun in Amen-Corner, in Warwick-Lane

by Dyche, Thomas
Published 1791
printed for B. Law, in Ave-Maria-Lane; G. G. and J. and J. Robinsons, and J. Walker, Pater-Noster-Row; W. Richardson, Under the Royal Exchange; and J. Sewell, Cornhill